Produced by Rory O'Donnell and Trevor McCormack at The Music Box Recording Studio:






Lyrics and vocals - Trevor McCormack


Drums and percussion - Mark (Sparky) Paltridge

at Spark 1 Studios:








Electric and Bass guitars - Rory O'Donnell


Acoustic Guitars - Rory O'Donnell and Trevor McCormack


Female backing vocals - Bec Paltridge


Other backing vocals - Trevor McCormack and Rory O'Donnell


Recorded and mixed by Rory O'Donnell


Mastered by Paul Robert Burton:





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Making my album
My Dream was to make an album. I never thought it could actually come true however, I was inspired by other muso’s who said “you should do this”, by my wife who never gave up on the possibility and my kids who used to sing my songs around the house and at school and always say “you can do this”.

I didn’t realise how many songs I had until one day I counted them and found I had enough to make an album. My dream became a goal and then a reality when I met Rory O'Donnell. 

Rory is an amazing musician with tunes and tones that are beyond belief;  whatever I said he understood and finally my tunes were developed into songs. Along with Rory was Mark Paltridge(Sparky) who put in the beats;  whilst I knew what I wanted he perfected it. 

Sparky’s wife Bec  is a singer and she loved the songs so much that she did the back-up vocals.  I was very fortunate to be able to work with these professional musicians for the production of my album ‘Another Day’.

Play List:

1. It's Alright

2. Life ain't a practice run

3. In the city

4. The sun will shine another day

5. Don't tell me what to do

6. Paradise

7. Life's too Short

8. Hold your hand

9. With you


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